Just off the coast of west papua (or Iriyan Jaya as it was known) there are a set of four islands called Raja Ampat. The name literally means the four kings. While Papua New Guinea has been well known for diving for decades- Raja Ampat was discovered 20 years ago by Max Ammer who put Raja Ampat on the global dive map. After extensive research, we are proud to present to you, our Raja Ampat itinerary.

Image courtesy Tunch Yavuzdogan

The diving in Raja Ampat is mind blowing. It is hard to explain this. The diving is reef diving, not so deep unless you want to go, with sharks, wobbegongs, various leaf fish, and macro creatures. If the plankton blooms, we get lost of mantas. There are usually hundreds of barracuda and jacks.. I cannot remember a dive without sharks. The biodiversity is quite something.

Papua Explorers- Adventures in diving with total comfort.

A decade ago on an island of the coast of Tanzania, we first came accross renowned Turkish Diver- Tunc Yavuzdogan. The owner of a Turkish travel agency, he had single handedly trained hundreds of young Turkish University students to dive. He was a man with a passion for the underwater world. He moved to Jakarta some six years ago, and continued to explore Indonesia for his clients. A year ago, he opened one of the most picturesque dive resorts on earth. A series of Pauan Houses on stilts over the sea, his resort is simple and stunning. The food is international and of the highest quality and his dive team first class.

Fluent in four languages, (Bahasa Indonesia, German, English and Turkish) Tunc is highly respected in the local community; which he supports through his various projects. He leads dives with his team and is a true expert on the dive sites of the area.

Papau Explorers operates locally designed white fibreglass boats with twin engines and shade. For larger groups they use an Indonesian wooden longboat which is very comfortable and large.  


The Resort

Image courtesy Tunc Yavuzdogan


The Rooms are very comfortably laid out with power 24 hours a day and hot water. The views in the morning over the sea are simply stunning. All rooms have tea an coffee making facilities, fans and nets. This is a well laid out lodge with excellent food, super friendly staff, and professional service.