Indonesia is one of the most fascinating and diverse maritime nations on earth. It has 13,466 islands, making up an incredible 33,999KM of coastline. The Indonesian archipelago was and still is a major trade region since the 7th century. Hindu rulers Srivijaya and then later Majapahit came ruled the west of the country and traded with China and India. Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms flourished until Muslim traders brought Islam to the archipelago. European powers brought Christianity but the various religions co-existed in harmony.

The eventual successful colonial power were the Dutch. Their rule was marked with unpleasantness that ended after world war II when the Indonesian independance movement was successful. But independance did not bring paradise, with a series of benevolent dicatiorships. More recently however, a democratization process has taken place and there has been rapid economic development. All throughout its colourful history, Indonesia has been a tourist and dive destination of note. With so many islands however - there has been little saturation and crowding. Indonsia remains one of the world's top dive destinations for diversity and harmony.

Where to Dive in Indonesia

We offer dive holidays in three major areas of diving.

  1. The Komodo Archipelago with its currents, schools of fish and schooling and solitary Manta rays. Komodo is a truly adventurous destination with big fish, which is extremly modestly priced.
  2. Raja Ampat and West Papua. famous for its biodiversity, coral, sharks and Giant Manta Rays. Raja Ampat has wobbegong sharks, islands which create steep walls, and hundreds of resident reef fish.
  3. North Sulawesi, with its calm and tranquil diving, clear water and steep walls at Bunaken. On the north coast of Sulawesi there are black sand muck dives with critters that the mind could not imagine.  

Our Knowledge of Indonesia

Raf Jah first dived in Indonesia in 1994. Since then he and his team, have dived on spots from the Summatra in the west to the eastern most points of Papua. We revisit our service providers annually, and check on the quality of diving and operator. We only promote resorts that we implicitly reccomend and where we would be happy to send our own family. Ask us where and when to go.