The Yucatan Peninsula

The Carribbean has long been famous for its diving, in and round the former British Islands, and the honduras. One of the most overlooked areas of the Carribbean is the Mesoamerican Barrier reef. This stretches from the north of the Yucatan Peninsula, past the island of Cozumel and down to the Honduran Islands.

The Yucatan is only a few hours drive from the world class airport facility of Cancun. Served internationally by nearly all Mexican, American and Canadian carriers and of course British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.






The accomodation in Xcalak is simple but clean, comfortable and very personal. As you can see in the images above,  on the left the Costa de Cocos Lodge and on the right the Tierra Maya Hotel  

Dive Xcalak 

Perhaps the most idyllic part of the reef is the village of Xcalak on the very frontier of Mexico and Belize. Here access to the world heritage site of the Chinchorro Banks ane the caverns of La Chimenea is easy.

The true father of fishing and dive tourism in the Yucatan is Mr Dave Randall who still owns the Costa De Cocos fishing lodge. We deal with him and book his lodge and fishing tours.

But the mantle of diving pioneer was passed to Javier Salas, the owner of XTC dive centre. Through these excellent people and other, we bring you the very best of a quiet and yet stunning part of our globe. 

Accomodation is at the excellent but small guest house, the Tierra Maya or the Costa de Cocos fishing lodge with its rondavels and great little restaurant.

No mention of Xcalak would be the same without the Leaky Palapa, a gourmet restaurant in Xcalak, run by two Canadian chefs during the north american winter. 



La Chimenea- An underwater cavern system that is made up of a collapsed cenote. This is one of Xcalak's most spectacular dive sites. 

Banco Chinchorro - Dive the wrecks or with crocodiles on a series of island reefs twenty miles off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula. 

Cenote Diving - We offer diving in the clear fresh water of the caverns or cenotes. Some are diveable as recreational dives with shallow bottoms and an opening to the surface. 

Hobonar - Dive the deep cuts that are just off the coast. This dive site can go down to 45m (we prefer the 30 and up section). This is an amazing dive site with black coral, huge tarpon and a ridges that are ill of life



We also offer tours throughout the Yucatan peninsual. Quite apart from the pyramids at Tulum, which are well known by tourists, we also have trips to the less well known ruins at Merida, chichen itza and calakmul to name but a few. 

The Yucatan is home to the Mayan people. These people are the largest group of homogenous Indians outside of Peru. They inhabit the Yucatand and Tabasco and Chiappas. Aspects of their culture exists to this day, and they make for friendly and wondeful hosts.