The Mnuw Bar and Grill at Dawn

The best place to stay in Yap is the Manta Ray Bay Hotel and Yap Divers. Set up by Bill Acker in 1986, the Manta Ray Bay Hotel is a small but charming building on a dock in Colonia Town. The hotel rooms face the sea and the garden, and the restaurant is a refurbished Indonesian Schooner.

The Mnuw is an excellent Venu for dinner.

The hotel rooms are well appointed by any standards with TV, AIr Conditioning, superb bathrooms and showers. Wifi is available at a charge. We generally quote bead and breakfast rates, as there are other restaurants in town for lunch and dinner. But the sunset views from the Mnuw Bar are wonderful. The food is basic as you would expect on a tiny island with bad transportation links, but the sashimi is to die for.




US Navy DC3's rbing dignitaries and to the right the B727 combi's that served the Pacific for decades.

Getting to Yap is actually quite easy-  but there is no getting away from the fact that Yap is a small island many miles from anywhere big. For years the US Navy would issue a conrtact to an airline to do the run. This first went to Pan Am, who were found to be lacking. The contract then passed to Continental Airlines, who agreed to operate the route in return for access to the Tokyo Route. United Airlines and Continental Merged and now fly twice a week to Yap from Guam. They are the only airline currently serves Yap- but their pacific service is good- and as Bill Acker is fond of saying "One of the world's smallest Islands is served by the world's biggest Airline" .

Prices can however be quite high from anywhere to Yap.  In order to get to Yap easily and cheaply,  when you are ready to book email us, and we will put you in touch with our great friend Bill Acker. If you choose to buy from him, he has negotiatied rates from Manila and Tokyo to Yap for $760-$1100. This is often half the price of the standard fare. 

We find that from Europe and the USA it's easiest to go through Tokyo. You can fly from London to Yap with two changes of plane and arrive at about 0400, You sleep in and dive the next day or afternoon. We do it all the time. 

United Airlines B737-700 ETOPS - the latest technology at Yap Airport



We tailor make all itineraries to Micronesia but a general figure is US$1550 for a week in yap with 5 days diving (x2 dives) bed and breakfast. We can add Mandarin dives, afternoon dives and other meals as required. We can also add Island tours and other items, or you can book these in resort at no extra cost. 

Simply let us know when you want to go to Yap and for how long- we will send you the best possible price quote and our suggestions. If you are coming through Japan, you may wish to dive in Okinawa and Ryuku Islands, we can organise this for you as well. Indeed Japan and Yap make a great combination. See our Japan page for details. 

For those who want to include Palau into their itinerary, we have excellent contacts with Fish and Fins and can combine your holiday with them. The fare Manila Yap Palau Manila is often less than $760.

So do get in touch for all your land based requirements.