Pemba Island 

Tanzania's Oceanic Sea Mount



Pemba has the most spectacularly healthy reefs in Africa. It is a world class dive destination.. As Gavin Goodhart, Director Of Ambrosia Television (UK) said. "I would say that Misali Island and the north of Pemba are easily one of the healthiest 30 reefs in the world."

Pemba has coral covered walls, coral strewn reef slopes, and enormous, healthy bommies and fans that are surrounded by a plethora of reef fish. The Njao gap is host to schools of chevron barracuda, jacks and snapper. The Fundo gap sees dogtooth tuna hunting along its walls, schools of horse eyed Jacks and trevally. Giant groupers sit territorially in holes in  the walls and most sites have a resident Maori wrasse. Pemba is also home to Ribbon eels, fire dartfish and leaf-fish. The Nudibranch's are also prolific. Divers often see the famous 30cm Spanish dancer!

Pemba dive sites are among the best in Tanzania, and Tanzania is a global dive destination on its own. 

Pemba is where we started

Raf Jah, our founding director opened a dive centre in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 1994. He moved to Africa in 1998 and  Pemba in 1999. Cisca joined him in 2002 . Raf spent 18 years in Pemba, following in the footsteps of Ranjit Sohndi, Pemba's true dive pioneer, he found many of the dive sites, named them. He is the only person who has lived and dived in Pemba Tanzania for more than a decade. Now based in the UK, he still flies back to Tanzania to dive and make sure that the service and quality of the lodges we use are up to our standards.


In addition to the diving, Pemba Island is a quiet island, it is the last stop on the line. With three internationally owned hotels, Pemba is a dreamlike destination compared to the busy bustle of Zanzibar. The wonder of this means that you are diving in a manner similar to Capt Jaques Cousteau. There is simply no other boat on the reef.


We offer the best of the best when it comes to Pemba Diving. The most luxurious lodge is the Fundu Lagoon Tented camp with the dive centre run by Filbert, a splendid diver who knows Misali Island like the back of his hand. Their dive centres are professional and well managed. Their accomodations are, for the circumstances of Pemba, divine.  Packages start at $2700 for a weeks stay and diving.

Then we offer the Manta Lodge, which is home to Africa's only underwater room. At around $1500 a night its not for the budget traveller, but it really is an underwater room, with views of the fish from your bed. Manta Reef Lodge was started by Ranjit Sondhi, who is the pioneer of diving in Pemba Island. Ranjit made the first foray into the dive world and brought people to stay in pemba from Kenya. He was and will always be remembered as the father of Pemba diving. Packages start from $2391.00

Then our old favourite is Swahili Divers and the Gecko Nature lodge. We started Swahili Divers in 1999 and built this lodge in 2007. We sold the entire shebang to the wonderfully charismatic Mike and Cecilia Zahed. After investing thousands of dollars into our budget lodge, they turned this around into a Yoga centre and deluxe rooms. But the Zaheds have not strayed far from the Swahili Divers roots, they have maintained the fast ribs, and the dive ethos. Swahili Divers is not for the super deluxe client, but it is for the serious diver. And package start at $1820.00