The next morning Renji took me off around Gokyo Lake and up over the switchbacks to the so called boulder field. At no time was any part of the path frightening. But it did take time. Renji led me through two snow fields, one of which had the curious formations called Neves Penitents. I had only seen these in a photo by wilfred thesiger, and so I snapped one of my own. Three rather ardous hours of climbing later we were at 5450metres, looking at Mt Everest. Cho Oyu and some peaks inside Tibet.

On the summit of the renjo La I found some Czechs and a dutchman who were happily puffing away on cigarettes. I had done it, I was at my highest point in the trek, starin at the mountains around me. The sun shone on the highest mountain in the world, but all too soon, It was time to go down, to avoid the cold winds that would soon arrive.

The descent into the Thame Valley was steep and long and took another 4 hours. I general I felt fine, but this morning I started walking to Kumjung, and I ran out of steam, this was my 10th day of walking in a row, and for the first time I felt really tired.

Interestingly, none of my muscles are aching. I must have paced that out well. But the fatigue was incredible. After 7.5 hours of walking, I could not bring myself to ascend for another 1.5 hours and so I carried on into Namche Bazaar where I am now. And Now I am off to bed.