The Himalayas are the most captivating of mountains . They are the physical buffer between India and China. The one time kingdom of Nepal is now the small state that lies upon the majority of these ranges. Tourist friendly, well organised and safe, Nepal is a mountain hikers’ dream.  Farhat, our founder has been trekking in the Nepal Himalaya since 1992. His love for the mountain people, and respect for the mountains brought him to try and help the people of Nepal by bringing select tourist trekkers to the Solo Khumbu and Annapurna region. Therefore this section of the holidays that we sell are very different to any other; Through Farhat, and our national partner and friend Bibhu Thakkur, we have been linked to the Himalayas for two decades. The Himalayan Trekking tours are not a major source of revenue for us.  We treasure our relationship with the mountains and the people; we are proud of how we help them enrich their lives and their economy.

We offer various separate treks as standard packages. Often enjoyed the most when there are two of you. All prices start at Lukla, the accepted trail head. Costs include a guide and porters. We have an ethical tourism policy and insist that our porters are paid properly, fed properly and not overloaded. Our Nepalese partners are part of this ethical policy and the treatment of their contracted staff is reflected in the price. Transfers to Lukla can be arranged.


Trekking at high altitude has its inherant dangers. We trek ourselves, and the reason we do it, is because of the attraction of the high peaks- but getting there can be exhausting. All trekkers must be aware that high altitude trekking carries inherant risks, which may include death. Please contact us for further details.