In this competitive world, we do not sell international flights. Even with the best contracts in the world, we simply cannot beat the internet deals of the major airlines; in addition to this, most of clients do not live in the United kingdom. And we would therefore have to organise flights from many different countries. Again- we cannot beat the internet deals. So we don't do it. This page seeks to advise you, of how to get the best deal online, with the airline direct  to get to China, Tanzania and Central Asia.


The following world class airlines land in Tanzania. Most Aircraft land in Dar es Salaam (IATA: DAR) the  nations capital. but Ethiopian and Kenya Airways land in Zanzibar. KLM lands in Kilimanjaro Airport near Arusha.  Wherever you arrive in the nation, we'll take it from there.

Turkish Airlines:

Swiss International:

Royal Dutch Airlines:


Only United Micronesia flies to the Island of yap (IATA: YAP)  from Guam, Palau Hong Kong and Tokyo. Getting to Tokyo or Hong Kong is easy with any of the airlines above. We can advise how to contact Bill Acker in Yap who can sell you your flights direct- at a fraction of the advertised cost.


Getting to Manado (IATA: MDC) is the key. From there our partners take you in traditional wooden boat (With cabins and outboard engines) to your exclusive dive Island. Garuda Indonesia Serve Manado from Amsterdam. Failing that, Silk Air, the budget arm of Singapore Airlines serves Manado from Singapore, and the airlines above (except Swiss) serve Singapore.


Domestic Flights:

Under the UK's excellent laws we cannot sell any flights to residents of the United Kingdom. The only place where flights are a must is the United Republic of Tanzania and Papua New Guinea. If UK residents wish to include domestic flights in their itinerary, they are therefore requested to book direct with our Tanzanian Partners:  Or use our contact form and we will forward your enquiry.


Dive boat in Yonaguni.. a part of the journey