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The FRX100 IV Housing, has been specially designed for the Sony RX100 IV and RX100 III Cameras. The RX100 series of cameras are phenomenal and need little advertisement.

The Fantasea FRX100IV housing meets the same high standards of function, style and durability as previously found in all the other Fantasea housings. I personally use a Nikon P7100 and the Canon G16.

The FRX100 IV Housing is ergonomically designed, fully functional and features easy-to-use, clearly labelled controls. The waterproof housing is shock resistant, protecting your camera from impact and damaging elements including water, sand, dust, snow, ice and pollutants.

The FRX100 IV Housing has been successfully depth tested to 80 meters (240 ft.) and dive rated to a maximum depth of 60 meters (200 ft.), well beyond the 40 meter (130 ft.). Now this is well below the  dive limit of most compact housings; and is suitable for some of the shallower tech dives.

What’s best about the FRX100 IV housing is that it is completely supported by an e Accessory Line, of wide angle and macro lenses and strobes. The quality of these lenses is excellent and easily good enough for print publication or bill board.

We also sell a variety of colour correction filters and lighting sets, which enable photographers to further enhance the quality of their images and videos.

The Sony RX100 IV is considered one of the World's Best Compact Cameras.

The quality us unbelievable- but what else would you expect from a massive 20.1 MP image sensor. Which is capable of 4K and slow motion video. Finally its has an f/1.8 circular aperture- which is unheard of.

The whole point about Fantasea, is that they allow us to have an affordable, yet professional set up. I use my Fantasea housings for diving every day in Pemba Tanzania or in the UK.  We like the Fantasea people, we know Ran, Gary and Howard. We meet them twice a year and give them feedback on their product. They have exceptional customer service and will fix anything under warranty that is genuine, and they helped me out when I damaged a housing due to my own stupidity.

And as a premier dealer of Fantasea Line gear, we can offer great prices; indeed we offer even better specials to anyone who books their holiday with us.  



If you are going away to the antarctic or Africa, you may wish to record your images on analogue. We have access to first class pre-owned equipment which is tested and often under warranty. In addition to this we have our own  stock of pre owned PENTAX and NIKON cameras which we are happy to sell to you.   


We stock most of the momentum dive watch chain. But we recceomend the Atlas for Expeditions and the M50 for dive expeditions. Contact us and we'll ship to your door.



If you need expedition equipment, contact us for  a quote. We can source many items. Here are a list of some you may need:



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