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Xanax Buy Cheap - Buy Cheap Alprazolam Online

Xanax Buy Cheap - Buy Cheap Alprazolam Online

Africa is a destination like no other. Join us on a Luxury Africa Safari and you will have an expert African guide to show you the wildlife and culture of their nation.

Xanax Buy Cheap - Buy Cheap Alprazolam Online

Experience a Unique Scuba Dive safari based upon our expert recommendations, at exclusive owner managed island resorts around the Orient. We have 23 years of continuous living experience in Africa and East Asia. Our unparralled knowledge and experience above and below the water, provides our guest with the ultimate journey around the world with the African and Oriental Company.


TanAfricanzania is by far and away our most poplar safari destination. Everyone who goes to Tanzania loves it. Tanzania offers safaris to suit most budgets from mid-range to the luxurious.

  • Best for first time safari-goers
  • Home to the world famous Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Zanzibar Island (dive destination)
  • Guaranteed sightings of Lions, Elephants, Buffalos, Giraffe and Plains wildlife.
  • Authentic African experience in safari camps
  • Large nation with multiple weather systems so there is something to see all year
  • All year round safari destination, simply choose the park with the animals you wish to see
  • Friendly people

A quality weeklong safari holiday in Tanzania starts at USD$2950.00. Add an additional Zanzibar or Mafia Island dive extension for an additional USD$2500.00. Flights from the US start from USD$1100 and flights from the UK start around USD$700.00 We are are able to book just your safaris or we can handle your entire holiday. Simply contact us.

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Tanzania Dive ToursNew Guinea has to be one of our clients favourite dive destinations. We have more repeat clients diving in Papua New Guinea than any other location. PNG is remote and fascinating. Centred in the Coral triangle, the diving is quite simply mind blowing.

  • Great small resorts dedicated to international travellers
  • Unique cultural and wildlife tours in the highlands
  • Best small liveaboard in the world “MV Febrina”
  • The world’s best tropical diving
  • PNG is has great diving for new divers and experienced divers
  • You will see sharks on most dives
  • Visibility is 50m (150ft)
  • Choose from Lissenung Island, Walindi Resort, Tufi Resort, MV Febrina, or MV Oceania
  • Holidays in New Guinea are an excellent value, and somewhat remote.

New Guinea Dive holidays start at USD$1560.00 per person per week.

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ST HELENASt Helena Island is a Sub Tropical Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to whalesharks for 6 months of the year. It has phenomenal diving with pelagics, wrecks, and endemic species. We lead a dive expedition to St Helena every year in February, but can schedule your trip anytime of the year.

  • St Helena is not developed for tourism at all. It is essential to book through a reputable operator to ensure you get to expeirence it to the fullest.
  • St Helena boasts exciting and quite frankly phenomenal clear water diving.
  • You will see male and female whalesharks in the week that you spend in St Helena
  • You will enjoy crystal clear water with visibility around 50m (150ft)
  • First class accommodation at the world famous Xanax 2Mg Bars Buy
  • Trip guided by NAUI Instructor Trainer/PADI Instructor with 23 years experience
  • British Overseas Territory, extremely safe, inexpensive meals and drinks
  • Three ecosystems on the Island with Diana’s peak being at 2684ft.
  • Home to Napoleon’s grave, forts and so much history.
  • Very easy diving for beginners, but seriously good diving available for advanced divers.
  • Great for families
  • Cycle hire and kayak tours available on request.

10 day holiday in the Mantis hotel including diving and land tours costs £2495 per person including flights from Johannesburg.

The same holiday above, departing the UK costs £3195 (dependant upon flight prices) . We are flight experts to Africa and St Helena, we will craft your best options from the USA or Europe.

Let us do all the work booking your St Helena Dive vacation.

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The Antarctic is the last truly unexplored continent. We conduct a dive expedition to the Antarctic every two years. The voyage offers you the chance to explore the frozen south and dive if you wish.

  • Guided expedition every two years.
  • Divers and Non-divers welcome.
  • Great for first time visitors to the Antarctic as all is explained and all land tours professionally led.
  • You will land twice a day every day when weather permits.
  • Divers dive every day that weather permits.
  • No surcharges for multiple landings.
  • Purpose built expedition vessels with ice strengthened hulls.
  • Great value yet all creature comforts available on all vessels.
  • Add Argentina to your itinerary for a small amount

A 10 day Antarctic Peninsula Expedition with diving costs £4850.00

An 18 day South Georgia, Falklands, South Sandwich and Antarctica dive expedition costs £9930.00 only 10 dive spaces available. Book your Antarctic journey now.

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Lake Manyara National ParkZambia is our favourite addition to a St Helena dive holiday. Our clients love seeing Victoria Falls, the world’s largest waterfall, and the rhinos of Mosi Oa Tunya National Park. Zambia also has a wonderful ecosystem in South Luangwa, which while seasonal, is excellent.

  • You will nearly always see leopards and wild dogs in South Luangwa National Park
  • Home to the world famous Victoria Falls – the worlds largest waterfall
  • Guaranteed sightings of Lions, Elephants, Buffalos, and Plains wildlife.
  • Excellent birding opportunities
  • A very old fashioned southern African nation with highly educated people.
  • Very good for second time safari-goers who want to see southern African veld and low dry bush. (which brings in animals)
  • Excellent value for money
  • Very close to Johannesburg International Airport

A three day Zambian extension to a Dive Vacation starts from £400/$550.

A weeklong Zambian Safari in South Luangwa National Park  would cost you from £1300 including Zambian Domestic flights.  Tailor-make your Zambian Safari adventure now.

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Pemba Island Marine LifeTanzania is our favourite repeat destination for our clients. It simply has so much to offer. Apart from being the home of luxury Africa Safaris we see on films, it is also home to world class diving and the cultural island of Zanzibar. Here are some of the best points:

  • Zanzibar has amazing macro diving
  • Water temperature varies from 25-30 ‘c
  • Tanzania has vibrant reefs with 450 species of fish
  • You will see fields of unbroken coral
  • Pemba Island has steep dramatic walls
  • Mafia Island has schools of fish
  • We only use professional international dive Centres
  • The lodges are small owner managed and on the beach
  • You are always guaranteed an authentic Swahili welcome

A week of dive holiday starts at $995.00 including diving accommodation, breakfast, transfers, and airport transfers. Flights from the United States start at USD$1100 and flights to Tanzania from Europe start at USD$800.00  Book your dream holiday on Zanzibar Island.

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 What People Are Saying…

“We had a fantastic experience on safari with the Oriental and African Travel Company….the driver had exceptional local knowledge of the wildlife.  Thank you.”

– Ricardo and Erin London

“Francisca, thank you for organising our trip with Frank and his team – Alex, our driver and guide could not have been more professional, we had the most perfect visit to the Ngorongoro Crater.”         

– Julian  Dubai  (Visited Tanzania 2016)

Our guests come from all over the world, not just Great Britain. For this reason all of our safaris and dive vacations can be quoted in US Dollars or British Pounds. The choice of what currency you pay in, is yours. This is one of the ways in which we go to great lengths to ensure transparency and ease of doing business.

The slide show of images were all taken on our Luxury Africa Safaris and Dive Tours by our team. You have a very good chance of seeing all of these incredible wildlife.