The Package Travel Regulations



The Corona Virus and resulting travel bans have hit all travel and tourism businesses. Over the past few weeks there have been conversations about travel trade bodies lobbying the UK Government to suspend or ammend the UK Package Travel Regulations to ease the cashflow issues of some of their members. As you will have read on the news, some (often large) companies have cashflow issues, and are laying off staff in order to survive.

At African and Oriental Ltd. we keep your money in an account until just before you are about to go on holiday.We only pay out small deposits prior to this. Our financial position is sound, and your money is secure.

We learned, in our 22 years operated in India & Africa, that disasters, political issues and total stoppages of air travel come from time to time. So we are well adjusted to dealing with such testing times. We will get through this, and we will keep you on your adventures.

We will be abiding by the UK’s Package Travel Regulations 1992.



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