Tailor Made Luxury Private Nambia Safari Tours

Why Choose Namibia for your Guided African Wildlife Safari tour?

  • Namibia is one of the least inhabited nations on earth, making it a perfect destination for a guided Namibia luxury wildlife safari tour
  • Namibia is home of the Himba people and the Koi San tribe. Namibia rock art is thought to be 6000 years old, which makes Namibia one of the most interesting historical destinations in Africa.
  • Namibia was Colonised by Germany and Britain. This means that Namibia has beautiful small coastal towns and buildings. A tailor-made tour of Namibia would take in the ghost town of Kolmanskop as well as Lüderitz.
  • A 10 day Luxury Namibia Safari holiday is great value. Prices start at £2900.00 ($3625) per person.

We suggest the best Namibia safari is a minimum 10 day tour.  The highlights on our 10 day tailor made Namibia safari are game drives in Etosha National Park, a tour through the Skeleton Coast National Park to see the shipwrecks and ending at the quaint fishing town of Swakopmund, followed by The Namib-Naukluft National Park while driving down to Sossusvlei.  At Sossusvlei you would see the actual Namib Desert itself. The Namib Desert is the oldest desert in the world famous for its’ petrified trees and steep desert dunes. You then return to Windhoek Airport and would be flying out.

Why choose a Tailor Made Escorted Private Namibia Safari Tour Experience

Namibia is so large, and there is so much to see, that your Namibia safari tour needs to be carefully planned. We do not feel that some of the standard Namibia Safari tours meet the expectations and needs of our clients. We organise Luxury Namibia Safaris at prices that may surprise you. Our Private Safaris in Namibia cater to most budgets from mid-range to truly luxurious.

Part of the wonder of a Namibia luxury safari is the journey itself. Namibia, much more than any other African country, demands your time. The ever changing views of Namibia from your safari vehicle are beyond compare. The endless vistas of desert, mountain, African bush and orange earth are simply not visible anywhere else on earth. Our Namibia Private Safaris always build in time to allow you to stop and take photographs, or simply to take in the expanse that is Namibia.

‘Safari’ comes from the Arabic word for journey. In Europe and the US, the word ‘Safari’ has now become synonymous with a luxury wildlife viewing tour. But a Namibian safari is not only a wondrous wildlife viewing experience, it truly is a journey. So let us take you on a unforgettable escorted Namibian Safari, a journey through the nation, seeing its landscapes, its animals and meeting Namibia’s friendly people. We invite you to join us and experience this Namibia, through your eyes.

Guided Luxury Namibia Safari Tours Additions

If you had more time during your guided Namibia Safari tour, you could add a stay at the far flung Shipwreck Lodge. This incredible property is located on the famous Skeleton Coast between the Hoarusib and Hoanib Rivers. It is often fully booked and so advance booking is vital. www.shipwrecklodge.com.na

Another addition to your Namibia tour and safari would be to add a visit to the Diamond Ghost town of Kolmanskop. After a night in Aus, home of the pure bred desert horses, you would then end in the charismatic but weather-beaten town of Luderitz.

If you were interested in the ancient history of Africa, your luxury Namibia tailor made safari would include Twyfelfontein in the Kunene region. Twyfelfontein is located in north western Namibia between Etosha National Park and the Skeleton Coast National Park.  A UNESCO world heritage site, Twyfelfontein is the site of the oldest concentration of rock art on the African continent, also known as petroglyphs.  This site is so remote that you would need to add an extra two days to your Namibia guided safari tour. Over 2000 engravings can be found on rock formations and in caves surrounding Twyfelfontein

How do I get around Namibia on my Private Escorted Namibia Safari

The best way to visit Namibia is on a tailor-made escorted safari. This is because of the long distances between Namibia points of interest.  Our Namibia safari operator uses a selection of Toyota landcruisers, specifically adapted for private guided Namibia safaris. With a maximum capacity of six people, on a luxury Namibia Safari you will have the vehicle to yourselves. We will never combine your party with another. Private Safari means Private Safari.

We do not arrange Namibia self-drive tours. The reason for this is that you will only see your steering wheel and road. When on a luxury Namibia tour, you want to be able to see the landscape and the animals. You do not want to worry about where you are going. In addition, we believe it ethical to use companies that employ as many local people as possible. Apart from empowering the Namibian people, having a guide escorting you radically changes your experience for the positive.

Starting your tailor-made Namibia safari holiday: Getting to Namibia

Getting to Namibia has never been easier. Namibia may be off the beaten track, but Kutoka Hosea International Airport has a few connections to Europe and then on to the United States. Quality airlines such as KLM www.klm.com  fly straight into Namibia.  The Middle Eastern super carriers, Qatar www.flyqatar.com  and Emirates www.emirates.com  also land every day. But by far and away the easiest connection is South African Airways www.flysaa.com and British Airways www.ba.com who operate a flight to Namibia several times a day from Johannesburg and Cape Town. We are happy to organise flights for your tailor-made Namibia safari holiday – Simply ask us.

Your Private Namibia Luxury Wildlife Safari Tour Itinerary

Arrive Windhoek Airport and stay in the Rivendell guest house. Located in a quiet side street close to the centre of town. Meet your driver/Namibia safari guide and get ready for the next days’ departure.

Depart Windhoek and head north and arrive at the edge Etosha National park just after lunch. Check in to your lodge, and enter Etosha for an afternoon game drive. The plains on this side of the park will offer abundant viewing of antelope, zebra, gazelle, giraffe, buffalo, elephant, ostriches and hundreds of birds. If lucky, spot your first lion and enjoy the golden hours of dusk. Return to your lodge for dinner and overnight. A great way to start your luxury wildlife safari in Namibia.

Early morning enter the park again for a morning of safari game drives, choosing various wildlife hotspots and watering holes where you sit and watch the Animals. In the afternoon, you have the choice of staying in the lodge for a sunset walk with your Namibian safari guide around the bush lands, or stay in the park for afternoon safari game drives.

Dinner and Overnight in Lodge.  www.mopanevillage.com

Depart the area of Etosha National Park early in the morning, and set off west to tour the infamous Skeleton Coast national park and her shipwrecks. The waves beating down on the wrecks, and the bleak sand chasing the waves on the Namibia Coast is a mesmerizing sight. For a 1000 miles, the Namibia coastline filled the minds of sailors heading for the Cape with fear. Here your tailor made Namibia safari tour, will take in a day of driving along these dunes and gravel paths. Your journey ends at Swapokmund with accommodation in a comfortable small, private owned guesthouse on the edge of town. This part of Swapokmund is quiet, but within a 10minute walk to see all the facilities Swapokmund has to offer. In Swapokmund your Namibia safari tour takes a break, and  you have 2 nights here to make sure you are able to see all the natural beauty of this area.

On the fifth day of your private Namibia safari tour we have put together a custom Swapokmund tailor made tour.  This is your day to choose, and tailor made, really does mean tailor made, so whether it is a Skeleton Coast Scenic flight, or a half day escorted desert tour (called “The little five”) Or a simple walking tour around the town of Swapokmund, this is your day.

The Skeleton Coast scenic flight tour is amazing as you get a sense of the sheer size of the desert. The  half day Namibia desert tour is led by a local who understands everything about the flora and fauna of the Namibian desert. Here you learn about the tiny creatures here that have adapted to the harsh climate conditions and how they flourish.

We strongly recommend pre-booking all Swapokmund and Skeleton coast tours, as they fil up fast

Overnight is again in your guesthouse, the organic square guesthouse.

Leaving Swapokmund your exclusive Namibia Tour now heads inland. The morning is spent traversing the Namib Naukluft landscapes. The Namib Naukluft is a buffer zone of craggy mountains and ancient geostrata which is visible running alongside the road. The magnetic rock formations and deep ravines have very little water. Your Namibia Luxury Safari will stop on many occasions allowing you to take photographs, or stop to look at petrified trees and tiny flowers. This is the day that perhaps you will see the very best of Namibia landscapes. By lunchtime, you would reach the settlement of Solitaire. Solitaire was once the only fuel stop between Windhoek and the Namibia coast. Now it is a tiny hub of activity – but it is still the only place to get fuel. From here is a straight run in towards Sossusvlei.

Sossusvlei is the centre of the world famous orange dunes of the Namib Desert. Your Namibia safari tour should reach here by early afternoon. This should be in time to check into your lodge and see the stunning glow of the Namib desert around you. At night the stars come alight in the clear sky, and you will feel the temperature drop with an incredible speed. A good Namibian dinner and a great solar hot shower is waiting for you. This is an escorted Namibia luxury tour so your guide will make sure you are ready for the next day’s touring activities.

One of the main highlights of our private Namibia safari tours. Today you are up before dawn. You will be brought a mug of piping hot coffee or tea and then you start the Namib Desert tour. You drive in over the bumpy sandy track deeper and deeper into the Namib desert. You are doing this before the sun rises, and with time to spare to see the sunrise and the stunning colours of Namibia fire up. It is 60 kilometres from the Lodge to the area of “Dead Vlei”, where the world famous dunes occur. You will come up close to the petrified trees. The trees are dead – but this is a living desert so your Namibian guide will show you how to best protect and respect its flora and fauna.

Soon the heat is so intense, that most people will return to their lodges by the early afternoon. Now is the time to relax in the shade or in the pool. In the glow of the evening, the guide can offer to take you to a viewpoint, or for a short bushwalk, and gaze at the immense skies overhead, turning from blue to lavender to grey to indigo.

Your lodge will serve a hearty dinner, a roaring fire, and you’ll be happy to see your comfortable bed after this day of impressions. www.theoutpost.com

leaving Sossusvlei you drive back to the Namib Naukluft park and head south. You cross a vast array of landscapes. It may look dry and orange, but by Namibian standards, this is lush farmland. Cattle, some sheep, and here and there a water tank dot the landscape. You will see gazelle, ostriches and zebra freely roaming this friendlier environment. Your escorted Namibia safari tour eventually turns towards the little settlement of Aus, where your  lodge for the night is located. An old horse and cattle farm has been refurbished as a fantastic remote luxury lodge. The lodge of Klein Aus Vista has on its enormous premises, a number of small desert horses still live and roam free. The lodge offers guided walking tours around the premises, and as long as you wear some good shoes, you will enjoy a clamber about and a view at the end of the day.  This is yet another facet of your luxury Namiba tour, which takes in every small detail.


On the final day of your tailor-made Namibia safari tour leaving Aus, you go a short distance to visit the ghost town of Kolmanskop.  Kolmanskop used to be one of the mining trade posts along the train line connecting the coast and the hinterland. With the demise of the railway, the town became deserted, and left to slowly disappear under the desert sands. Seeing Kolmanskop is a sobering and yet impressive sight, as the desert is also a very quiet place to be. The sand fills the houses and the streets around them. If you are a photographer, you will spend many hours here taking photos of the mesmerising interaction between nature and man-made buildings.

In the early afternoon, your Namibia tour reaches your final destination of Lüderitz. This is the weather beaten harbour in the extreme south of Namibia. Lüderitz is a rare combination of slate grey buildings with Bavarian crosses and bell towers, hunkered down against the hillside. And yet the Atlantic Ocean beats down on the shores around Lüderitz spraying white foam over the rocks. But Lüderitz is also Africa and has vibrant coloured Namibia art in her shops and galleries.  Fresh seafood restaurants abound on the boulevard. No Lüderitz tour is complete without a visit to the cross at Cape Diaz which points the way towards the south.

From Lüderitz, your escorted Namibia tour ends with a short flight back to Windhoek for an overnight stay, and our departure home to Europe, the USA or Cape Town.

Tailor-Made Namibia Safari Tour Optional Additions:

Here are some additional features you can add to the above itinerary, please get in contact if you would like to customise further or if you would like us to help design an exclusive tailor-made Namibia safari personalised to your own requirements.

  • To add a visit to Twyfel fontein, take 2 days and 2 nights between Etosha National park and the Skeleton Coast extra.
  • To reach and stay at Shipwreck Lodge, take 2 days and 2 nights after Etosha. This can be combined with a visit to Twyfelfontein making it 4 days between Etosha and Skeleton.