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A plethora of pacific islands lie even further to the south of the main islands ofOkinawa. These have steep walls, coral boulder fields and are packed with vibrant schools of fish. Japan’s diving is one of the best kept secrets world of the global diving industry.

We were first lured to Yongaguni with tales of schooling Hammerheads and a lost city submerged below the surface. In 2012 we found just that- the underwater ruins at Iseki Point and schools of hammerhead sharks swirling around us. Since then we have been HOOKED!

We offer Japanese diving as a stand alone tour, or we are happy to combine this with land tours from our partner inside Japan tours. Japan is also on our list of guided expeditions. Our Next Expedition is on 03 JUNE 2014.


onaguni Jima – Ancient ruins abound underwater along with Schooling Hammerheadsharks in the cool months.

Irimote Jima – Dive with Pacific Mantas and explore untrodden reefs.

The Kerama Islands – 200 dive sites only 25 miles from Naha City, in clear water- packed with fish, sharks and schools.

Okinawa “mainland” – Great reef diving with amazing macro and passing pelagics.


We also offer tours in mainland Japan to add onto your dive adventure- using our partners Inside Japan Tours. Prices remain the same and we use their expertese on the main islands to make your holiday perfect. We also suggest that you combine your Japanese diving with a China Rail tour or even the trans siberian express to take you the whole way home. All of which we can arrange.

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