The world we live in is very fragile. We as tourists, tourism investors and tour operators and others must look after the fragile world that we live in. We believe this so firmly that we will only sell the services of operators, we know to be good decent and ethically sound people. We sell wildlife and dive of those people who invest in the local peoples. That build the future of their local village, their district and the future of their host nation.

The companies that we deal with provide vital employment for those people bright people who would otherwise leave and seek employment elsewhere in the world. We believe that trade, fair trade at that,is the future for development. Sometimes this costs a few dollars more than the cheapest option. But we cannot justify supporting businesses that cut corners and treat people badly.

We firmly believe that aid for no reason creates a dependency culture.  It is our duty to behave as such. In this light, we help those who want our help and will use that help to create more jobs, and business for their own local community.

We also only deal with ethical businesses, hotels and operators. We like to work with people who think like us and put their people first, and use the smallest amounts of carbon.

And as aircraft companies use more and more eco friendly engines, we believe that a long haul flight is a small carbon output given that it enables you to put money back into some of the world’s poorest societies.