Self Guided Central Asia Tours & Packages

Starting in Western China and ending in the central Anatolian plateau, Central Asia is a place of snow-capped mountains, endless rolling steppe, and vestiges of a nomadic Islamic culture that is steeped in history. Once fought over during the great game, the large powers still vie for influence in this oil and heritage rich region.

The first western visitors came at the end of the 19th century, often in search of riches or political gain. Happily, the world has changed slightly, and travel in the region is much easier than the days of camel trains. There is a first-class railway line that runs, uninterrupted from Urumchi in Western China to Istanbul. There is no part of Central Asia that we do not cover.

Please glance through our pages and decide for yourself what suits you; and contact us. We will then put together your tailor made itinerary, (Which you will no doubt wish to tweak) which allows you to choose what you want to do, which mode of transportation you wish to use, and what level of accomodation best suits you.

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West China Rail Explorer

Tian Shan Mountain Trekking

Travel from Beijing to Kashgar via Urumchi and Xian. See the stunning Tian Shan mountains. 15 from $3960.00 per person.

Includes rail fares, transfers, accommodation bed and breakfast, many lunches when tours are offered. Guides on tour days.

Silk Route Explorer

This is our most popular safari. It takes in the wonders of Samarkhand, Bukhara, Khiva and the hills around Tashkent. Traveling in your own private car, or by rail where requested you explore modern-day Uzbekistan, staying in mid-range accommodation 8 days From $1200

Khyrgizstan offers some untouched mountain ranges that are the border between China and Central Asia. Depending upon the season, we offer a variety of treks from day hikes in the dramatic scenery (see below) near Kochkor to guided expeditions to the Peak Lenin basecamp which start at around. $1700.