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Welcome to the diving pages of the African and Oriental Travel Company. In this modern day and age, Scuba Diving holidays are available to all, but the quality and cost vary. After 23 years in the Scuba Diving Industry, we know the best Scuba Diving Tours out there, the best dive holiday destinations in Asia, the South Atlantic and East Africa. Our aim is to build you the very best tailor made dive holiday, where you get exactly what you want, at the best price.

We have had a fascination with Scuba Diving since our childhoods. This fascination led Raf Jah to learn to dive at 21, become a dive instructor at 23 and start his own recreational dive centre at 25. He was the pioneer of diving in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India, finding new dive sites every day. At the age of 28 he moved his dive centre “lock stock and barrel” to Pemba Island in Tanzania. Here he opened Swahili Divers on Pemba Island, and The Old Mission Lodge Dive Hotel in Chake Chake. Raf again found himself pioneering the diving on another Indian Ocean Island. Supported by one instructor, he had to maintain all the equipment, dive most days and run a hotel. He and his instructor set a personal record of 21 days diving without a break. All of this became a bit much so in 2002 when Francisca joined him to run the hotel, life became a lot better. The Old Mission Lodge grew old and guests wanted to be on the beach. So together they bought land, and Francisca built a beach lodge (a series of bungalows on the beach) in Northern Pemba. After their travels in Central Asia, they decided to call it “The Kervan Saray Beach Lodge”. They operated the dive centre and its’ dedicated Scuba Divers Lodge for 10 years. In this time they built the first swimming pool on Pemba Island. Swahili Divers became the first PADI 5 Star Dive centre on Pemba Island. It had been the first BSAC Resort, and finally, as the diving world changed, Raf pioneered the NAUI diver education system in Tanzania. Raf is a NAUI instructor trainer with close to 3000 dives. He started the system of training Tanzanians to become dive masters with the view to becoming dive instructors.  Francisca continued to run the lodge and has notched up over 1000 dives as a proud NAUI Advanced Open Water Diver. In 2012, they founded the African and Oriental Travel Company, and this grew from a small dive safari agency to the modern,  specialty travel agency that it is today. We recognise that there are dive centres all over the world. We only sell what we have experienced. We go to all our dive destinations, and we check that they have oxygen, a first aid plan, registered dive leadership personnel and are members of an internationally recognised diving organisation such as NAUI, BSAC, CMAS or PADI.  We invite you to peruse our destinations and contact us to tailor make your Scuba Diving holiday.  It goes without saying that all of our dive holiday packages are protected by ABTOT and our Company adheres to all of the UK’s “Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992”.