Yap Divers & The Manta Ray Bay Hotel

Why plan a dive vacation to Yap Island?

  • Yap is the best connected of the most remote nations on earth. With connections to Palau and Guam every week, the Island is still one of the most magical destinations on earth
  • Diving in Yap is spectacular, with resident Manta Rays and schools of sharks and pelagics
  • The water visibly  in yap is nearly always 50m
  • The island boats a world class small boutique dive resort in the Manta Ray Bay Hotel.
  • Yap has a first class dive centre in Yap Divers
  • Once the plane has left, you are the only tourists on the Island of Yap, and the people are incredibly friendly
  • Yap is safe, clean and welcoming
  • Yap is packed with history and culture and has not been developed at all
Yap is well known for its shark diving


Think Sharks and Giant Manta Rays swirling around you. Imagine steep walls and caves where you are at 30 metres (100ft) and you can down to 60m (200ft) and along the wall for 50metres (160ft) . Imagine tiny creatures and vibrant reefs full of fish, and all of this on a tiny island with a great hotel, friendly people and an international airport. This is the world of Yap.


Yap State is made up is a series of Islands in the western Pacific ocean called the Western Caroline Islands. Yap is a state within the Federated States of Micronesia. Yap is one hour from Guam, which is only three hours from Manila and Tokyo. Yap was put on the global diving map by one man. His name is Bill Acker. Bill came to Yap as a peace corps volunteer and stayed on. He develop business on Ulithi island and then created Yap Divers in Colonia on Yap Island. A visit by Paul Tzimoulas of Skin Diver Magazine, opened Bill’s eyes to the resident Manta Ray population of Yap. Soon enough Yap was the place to go to dive with Manta Rays. But as the world shark populations come under pressure, the conservation policies of Yap mean that Yap is now famous for its shark diving. Grey Reefs, Silver tips, Mako’s White tipped reef sharks and black tipped reef sharks can be seen on the island.


Manta Ray Bay HotelSoon realising that people from around the world wanted to come to yap, he built the Manta Ray Bay Hotel. The Manta Ray Bay hotel was often called the best little hotel in the Pacific. The Manta Ray Bay Hotel has an excellent multi level bar and restaurant based on a stunning vessel called the Manta Ray Bay HotelMnuw. This is island ingenuity at its finest. Many of the rooms are sea facing. They are all very comfortable and have airconditing. Wifi is available in the lobby for free, and there is a great infinity pool. Most important of all, the staff of the Manta Ray Bay Hotel are so friendly, helpful and honest.

In addition to this, Yap Divers have excellent macro dives, black water dives and now Bonfire dives. Working in conjunction with some of the most famous black water dive centres in the world, Bill has created ayet another Yap divers speciality.

Yap and Palau

In addition to this, Mandarin fish abound and the mandarin fish dive can be done every evening.  Thereare some small shallow wrecks of Japanese aircraft add to the whole picture. And finally there are reefs of gorgeous hard coral kilometres long in 50m clear blue water with schools of jacks and passing sharks.


A week is too short to explore Yap. We recommend a 10 days dive vaction in Yap. Or a week in the Philippines and a week in Yap.  We are happy to book your Manila-Yap – Manila flights.  A week in Yap starts at $1500 but we strongly recommend upsizing your package to include nitrox, 4 dives a day and lunch. Yap is beyond doubt a bucket list destination.

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The view from Yap divers at sunset