New Guinea Scuba Diving Holiday and Tours

Our Papua New Guinea Dive Holiday takes you south of the equator and just off the northern coast of Australia, the country of Papua New Guinea is perhaps the most isolated and yet most rewarding dive location on earth. Formed of New Guinea and Papua, the nation is known as PNG to westerners, and Niugini to its people. We like the name Niugini, so we always call it by its pidjin name or in English: New Guinea. Never confuse New Guinea with the Indonesian Province of Iriyan Jaya, sometimes called West Papua. The diving and the welcome and services are very different. New Guinea Diving is mind blowing.

Diving Kavieng
Diving Kravieng New Guinea
Sepik River
Diving Walindi

Why Choose A Papua New Guinea Dive Holiday?

New Guinea is home to the world’s fourth largest surface area of coral reef ecosystem (40,000 km2 of reefs, seagrass beds, and mangroves in 250,000 km2 of seas). The underwater diversity is quite something. and It has 2500 species of fish, corals, and molluscs. There are so many dive sites that we don’t know about. Only recently our former divemaster, Rebbecca Mayoll found a Mitsubishi Zero in 18metres of water. Yes she really found a WW2 aircraft by herself. The best aspect of Papua New Guinea Dive holidays is the simple fact that the dive centres are so far apart. This means that while your dive PNG there is only ever one boat at any dive site.

Kam hariap long niugini and find out why!


In addition to our PNG Dive holidays, we have PNG cultural trips, Highland sing-sings, and most impressive of all, expeditions in a dug out canoe down the Sepik River.

The six million inhabitants of this nation of mountains and islands are spread over 463,000 km2 of mountainous tropical forests, and speak over 800 different languages (12% of the world total). This nation is a combination of the third largest island in the world and 160 other islands and 500 named cays. The contrast of the mountainous peoples of the west and the river dwelling Sepik tribes is again in contrast to the waterborne communities of the Islands. In the 1930’s Australian Gold prospectors came over a pass into a valley and found 1 million people who were hitherto unknown to the outside world. New Guinea really is that special and it really is worth going there once in your life.

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Dive Resorts for Your PNG Dive Holiday

In order to best explore PNG or should I say Dive Walindi New Guineaexplore New Guinea, we have tailor-made dive holiday itineraries to the very best dive resorts. We rate Walindi Plantation Resort and the Diving in Kimbe Bay to be the best of the best. But then Lissenung Resort near Kavieng in New Ireland has to be number one for the pelagic action in Albatross Passage. Tufi Dive Resort is situated in a series of tropical fiords and as quite unique. When you throw in a dive holiday on the Live Aboard MV Febrina, you end up with a series of number ones. For this reason, we always reccomend a two centre dive holiday as a minimum. Combine Walindi Planation Resort with either Tufi or Lissenung, or combine Lissenung with the MV Febrina. Whatever you choose, we can organise any dive resort on request.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA The World’s Most Prolific Dive Destination

We have all been on a Papua New Guinea dive holiday and our guidance is based upon actual experience; we only promote what we have done. Using our expertise and local knowledge, we create the best possible trip for you. We match the right PNG dive resorts to your needs. We can also organise Port Moresby stop-overs. Our price guarantee is simple. The resorts pay us to book you in the resort and we do all the work. You pay the same rates as if you booked directly with any one aspect of your PNG dive or cultural holiday.