How to travel during Covid-19

Where to Travel  During Covid-19?

The first question to ask is can I travel during covid. The answer to this is an emphatic yes. Travel is still possible to many destinations during the Covid-19 period. There are many countries that are safer than our own, which welcome the safe and responsible traveller. Many airlines are still flying, and are taking intrepid travellers around the world in comfort and safety. So let us ask Where to travel during covid?  Even US Citizens can travel during covid to quite a few countries. We arrange tailor made safaris and dive adventures to the following safe countries which welcome international travellers. Mexico for diving, Turkey for culture, food and scuba diving, Egypt for scuba diving and culture, Kenya for wildlife safaris,  Tanzania for wildlife safaris and scuba diving, Zambia for safaris and Namibia for wildlife safaris and Landscaped. (please keep checking with us as the number of locations is always increasing). If you want to travel: contact us now using the message button or the contact page.

Safe places to travel during covid

We are always asked if it is safe to travel to Africa. The answer is always subjective, we reply that Africa is often safer than the countries in which we live. You just need to take sensible precautions and use common sense. Right now, one of the safe places to travel during Covid is East Africa.

You must bear in mind East African Safaris are a combination of adventure, culture and luxury. The adventure always involves a risk. You simply need to use common sense to mitigatee that risk. We believe that if you take the right precautions, the countries in Africa that we market are as safe now as they have ever been.

The safe places to travel during covid are: Turkey, Mexico, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and Namibia. All fo these nations are safer than Europe, the UK or even the US.

Again, we stress this, as with all travel, you must use your common sense, you must follow a few simple rules and then you are good to go.

The Best places to travel during Covid?

The world is empty now. This is  once in a lifetime opportunity to visit some incredible locations with few tourists. A traveller who wanders the world will be transported back to 1930 when motorised travel first began. The best places to travel during covid have to be the safari countries of East Africa. Your covid travel list should include: The Serengeti (Tanzania) The Masai Maara and Swahili Coast (Kenya), the magical tropical island of Zanzibar (Tanzania), South Luangwa National park (Zambia) Victoria Falls (Zambia), Hattusa (Turkey)

The best places to travel during covid are the nations which will allow you to have an exclusive experience a great value. Travel has never been such good value. Top end Safaris and Dive vacations are now being sold at mid-range prices. Covid-19 may have destroyed the budget safari, but if you can afford a sensible mid range safari, you will receive service and accommodations worth three times the price.

How to take your vacations during covid?

This is the easy bit.  will break this down into countries below, but generally you will need to follow a few simple steps, which may differ by country, and you will be on your way.

Health Cover

If you live in the United States, the middle east or Asia Pacific, this is much easier and simpler to organise. Most people have private health insurance. You simply need to make sure that your existing health insurance covers you when you travel. Some travel insurance companies also cover covid. It may also be prudent (or necessary) to have a covid-19 test.

If you are leaving the UK or Europe, then you should also organise health insurance. Health insurance will work worldwide and will cover you for catastrophes corona and medical repatriation to the UK/Europe. Medical insurance is not affected by UK Government travel advisories. We use aetna but we have used Aviva in the past and Bupa are also excellent. Check before you buy these policies that they work for you.

When you return to Europe you will be asked to quarantine for 14 days, so make sure that you can work from home on your return. (Not a great hardship for most of us).

Covid Testing: required or not?

Some airlines such as Emirates or Qatar require a negative covid-19 test before flying. Ethiopian Airlines and Turkish Airlines do not require a negative Covid-19 test (unless your destination does) and between them, they fly to all of our safari and dive destinations that are now open.

Turkey Mexico and Tanzania welcome travellers without a covid test, but do constant temperature checks and conduct other methods of covid checking at all tourist facilities.

Kenya Zambia and Namibia all require a negative test on arrival. Namibia also expects you to stay on Safari in your travel bubble until day 5 when you are tested again.

Accepting Responsibility.

Everything in life has a risk attached, from crossing the road to flying to Africa. You need to understand the risks involved in travel (Delays, petty theft, risk of accidents, inferior infrastructure and yes covid-19) . You’ll need to sign a document that states that you take responsibility for your own actions and assume the risk.

How can we help?

Contact us to see what the best safari or dive holiday is for you. There is so much to offer in East and Central Africa at this time. Once you identify your dream holiday, we will provide you with any entry requirements and if needed the names of clinics to get your pre-departure or pre-return covid tests. We will arrange all of your in-country requirements. If you like we can even book your international flights for you. When you are on tour, you will have 24 hour support from our in-country operator, and email/telephone/WhatsApp support from our UK office during our special extended Covid-19 working hours.

Where can I go Scuba Diving During Covid-19

The best value clear water diving in the world, has to be the reefs, wrecks and walls at the confluence of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea. The sleepy town of Bodrum hosts Aquapro Bitez dive centre which provides excellent professional tech and recreational diving. Sadly they close at the end of October and re-open in April 2021.

If you want even more colour, the Egyptian Red Sea has never been so alluring, with few vessels operating, the reefs are alive and there are almost no divers.

The Mesoamerican reef is a stunning barrier reef second only to the great barrier reef in Australia and much less trafficked. When you dive in Mexico, you have the choices of sleepy Xcalak in the south and Dressel divers in Cozumel, but the choices are endless.

Finally, If the sharks and walls of the red sea are not enough, the Scuba Diving off the East African Seaboard has 550 species of marine life. While Indonesia remains closed, Tanzania remains a macro photographers dream.

Where to go on Safari during Covid-19

Tanzania has to be the number one destination for Safari right now. With the value offered and the lack of tourists and game vehicles, you will feel like a BBC wildlife film maker. Zambia and Namibia have unique landscapes, but Namibia has a 5 day test requirement. Kenya requires a covid test and also offers great value. Wherever you decide to travel, we will be there to assist you with the organisation.

Antarctica St Helena and the future

Soon we hope to have news on the new and dynamic ways in which we will be offered Antarctic Cruises and St Helena Scuba Diving. Operators are working with governments to best find a way forward to allow travellers to travel to the Antarctic and St Helena, during and post covid-19.

You should be aware that you should get your booking done now, because if a vaccine is announced soon, all of those value discounts will melt away in a high priced rush. Imagine the half term or spring break holiday on steroids. So if you can get away, and you are prepared to take responsibility for your own actions, then now is the time to travel.

To summarise, Consult us: then Choose your destination, choose your airline, get health insurance, take responsibility and fly off on your dream safari.