Micronesia, the World's Best Diving

With crystal clear water, wrecks, coral reefs, manta rays and sharks, Micronesia has to be the best place in the world to dive. The only question is where to dive in Micronesia, as there are so many choices.

Micronesia, consists of a series of states in the western Pacific Ocean. It is composed of more than 600 islands and islets in the Caroline Islands archipelago.  To the west is the independent State of Palau, then within the Federated states of Micronesia (going east) is Yap, Truk, Pohnpei and Kosrae. Every one of these islands has world class diving. We will list the best reasons to dive in Micronsia here.


  • Palau is the easiest Micronesian dive destination to access. With direct flights from Korea, the Philippines and China, it is a two flight hop from Europe. Palau is also the most developed of all the Micronesian Destinations. 
  •  The Islands of Yap are quiet, unbothered and home to Massive schooling native manta rays. In addition many sharks swirl around the steep walls and rock boomies.Fields of hard coral abound. Yap only has one international standard hotel. 
  • Truk Lagoon is the wreck diving capital of the world, with the entire Japanese merchant fleet lying on the bottom of the lagoon. There are deluxe land based and liveaboard options in Truk Lagoon. 
  • Much more off the beaten track, Kosrae is a delightful tranquil  backwater which is plays host to stunning tropical diving, with hard coral, reefs and walls. In addition the land based activities open up a remote but beautiful world. 
  • want to think outside the box? mix your Micronesian dive holiday with a dive vacation in Papua New Guinea using our excellent Dive New Guinea flight packages. 

Getting to Micronesia

Getting to Micronesia is easy. Getting to Palau is served by many airlines from Manila (Philippines), Seoul (Korea), Hong Kong and Guam (USA). A simple ticket from London to Palau via Seoul is easy to buy online.

Most of the rest of Micronesia are served by United Micronesia, but in order to get the best deals, we can organise visit Micronesia fares which take in Yap and Palau or Truk and Yap. These fares start in Manila or Tokyo from £660. Connect on Emirates through Manila from £460 and you can have a return ticket to two Micronesian destinations for a very reasonable £1120-£1560.

The curve ball in all of this is Air Niugini which offers superb flights from Australia, Singapore, and Manila to Truk Lagoon and Pohnpei. The wonderful thing about these flights is that you can add a Papua New Guinea Dive Vacation for no extra flight cost.


The view from Yap divers at sunset


7 Nights in the Manta Ray Bay Hotel with 5 days diving, Bed and Breakfast From $1500


Rose Garden Hotel, 5 days diving with FishnFins and airport transfers From: $1300


1 Week on the MV Odyssey with 4 dives a day on the wrecks of Truk Lagoon costs $3600 all inclusive.


The very best Micronesia dive package would be a combination of Yap Divers and Fish n Fins in Palau for around$3500. Or a combination of Yap and Truk Lagoon for around $5000. Finally the most adventurous package would be a week in Papua New Guinea and then a week in Truk Lagoon on the MV Odyssey. We would be happy to organise flight bookings for all your Micronesia Dive Vacation itineraries, and these range from $760 for Manila-Guam-Yap-Palau-Manila to $1200 for Tokyo – Yap- Tokyo and Tokyo – Truk- Tokyo. There are many combinations, so it is best to contact us and pick our brains about Micronesia.

All of the team at African and Oriental have been to Micronesia and continue to travel there to check on the high standards of our suppliers.

Micronesia Dive Packages

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